Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Wall-mounted air conditioner units: room-by-room flexibility

Wall-mounted air conditioning units are very popular for both domestic and commercial applications, due to their simplicity and flexibility. Their small size and sleek design mean they blend perfectly into any room. These split units allow you to regulate the temperature one room at a time. They are ideal if certain parts of your house or office are difficult to bring to the same temperature as the other spaces: a living area that tends to get stuffy, a conservatory that faces south, a home office that gets too warm because of a large computer.

Wall-mounted units are reversible and can also be used for heating.

Eco Air Systems Ltd specialises in the latest models, as they offer higher quality and energy efficiency. Powerful air flow allows these small units to cool or heat even large rooms, with incredibly low noise levels.

These newer models have also been equipped with purifying filters, to prevent the spread of bacteria and renew stale air in a closed environment. Their clever design means they are easier to clean and maintain than ever before.