Free cooling and heat recovery

Free cooling: save money and reach your sustainability goals.

Free cooling takes advantage of lower outside temperature to cool inside. It is ideal in commercial contexts, to take care of larger cooling needs: data server rooms, telecom applications, etc.

It supplements an existing chilling system: when outside temperature drops below a predefined point, the chilling system is bypassed and cold outside air is used instead.

This allows the system to run on free energy, hence the name. The system is able to make optimal use of external conditions, which means optimal energy use, too.

By helping to considerably reduce energy bills, free cooling preserves the environment while decreasing expenses. This makes it the ideal solution for businesses that have important energy needs due to the equipment they use, but that still want to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals.

As it works in addition to traditional air conditioning, a free cooling system can be installed as a complement to your existing close control system (depending on technical requirements)

Since free cooling runs when the traditional system is not needed, it also helps extend the life of your equipment.

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