Floor Standing Air conditioning

Floor standing air conditioning units: AC that doesn’t need a wall

Also called “free-standing” or “tower” air conditioners, floor standing units still consist of an inside and an outside unit, but they don’t need to be attached to a wall or ceiling as they stand on their own, as their name indicates.

Floor standing units are ideal when you need to control the temperature in a specific area but affixing the AC to the wall or ceiling is not an option : to cool/heat part of a large open-plan space with no nearby wall, or when neither the ceiling nor the wall would be able to support the weight of an air conditioning unit, for example.

Floor standing air conditioners work equally well in residential and commercial surroundings. They benefit from the same high standards as other air conditioners: cooling and heating, powerful air flow, improved energy efficiency, very low noise levels and better air quality, free of particles, bacteria and mould.