Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning: cool or heat several spaces in one go

Ducted air conditioning allows you to regulate the temperature of a whole  house or office with one touch of a button. A network of ducts distributes the air to different rooms, through inconspicuous vents fitted into the ceiling.

This is a very energy efficient solution, since all the rooms are at the same temperature: there is no heat gain or loss from one room to the next, and no hot or cold spots in the house/office.

Recent developments in newer models mean that energy loss due to duct length is not an issue anymore, resulting in even more savings.

Ducted air conditioning offers a very discreet solution, both in terms of look and noise. The flat vents do not stick out like wall hung or ceiling units. It’s also quieter, since the equipment is not situated in the room but in the ceiling or attic space.