Cassette air conditioners

Cassette air conditioners: efficient and uniform cooling in all directions

Cassette air conditioners, also called ceiling recessed, are units that fit into suspended or false ceilings. They are often used in commercial surroundings, thanks to their versatility. They are equipped with vents on four sides, making it easy to control the air flow in all directions.

This type of air conditioner works particularly well in rooms with an irregular shape and in large spaces, such as open plan offices or large retail spaces. These units are very discreet as only a thin part is visible, the main body being hidden in the ceiling.

Cassette units are a good choice when discretion is important and a ducted system cannot be installed, due to limited space in the ceiling for example. Their sleek design allows them to blend in almost invisibly.

These units offer the same quiet and comfort of use as all air conditioning solutions offered by Eco Air Systems Ltd. They are energy efficient, can be used for heating and insure constant air quality, free from dust particles and bacteria.