Air conditioning controls

Controls: remote control and monitoring of all your AC units 

For large buildings with many air conditioning units, it can become a downright hassle to keep track of all the units, monitor that they are functioning properly, and switch them on or off when needed.

A control system allows you to monitor all air conditioning units for a whole building, or even several buildings – all with a simple Internet connection. You don’t have to walk up to each unit’s wall control panel or within range of each unit’s remote control anymore.

Imagine being able to make sure everything is alright back at a given site, wherever you have internet access. Simply log on to your site’s profile online and access state-of-the art software. At a glance, you can monitor tens or even hundreds of different units, even on multiple sites.

These systems will also help you achieve optimal control over a wide variety of variables: energy consumption of each unit, cold draught protection, etc.

As a complement to the software, these controls come with attractive, easy-to-read touch screens.